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Merritt Island Medical Research

Merritt Island Medical Research is The Memory Research Center of Brevard County.  Headed by Gregory Kirk MD you will find a knowledgeable and professional staff.  We enjoy making our office feel pleasant and inviting.  Many people who participate in our studies enjoy just stopping by to say hi.

If you would like to have a deep understanding of memory loss that is due to Alzheimer’s we provide a local source of information that is unbiased.  All memory testing and consultations are at no charge and insurance is not needed.

At your initial consultation you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you have. We will discuss all of your available options.

If you decide to participate, we will have a more in depth discussion about your health, and we may perform assessments related to your specific clinical trial.

If you are participating in a trial for memory or Alzheimer’s disease, we may conduct brain imaging (MRI /PET scans) and other lab exams. Any exams, imaging, or lab work are always at no cost to you, and health insurance is not needed.

Participation in a clinical trial is always voluntary, and we always greatly appreciate your time spent with us.